Our History


S.A. Manohara, M.D. F.A.P.A., practiced psychiatry and was a board certified Psychiatrist in Addiction, Forensic and Geriatric Psychiatry. Dr. Manohara is well-known and respected in the medical community for his expertise in psychiatry.

Psychiatric Wellness Center began humbly in 1984 when Dr. Manohara opened a small office near Memorial Hospital on 34th Street. He moved to an office near Mercy Hospital a few years later and gradually expanded his staff. 

Dr. Manohara's goal has been to meet all of his patients’ outpatient mental health needs at one convenient location and to ensure inpatient care when needed by creating a comprehensive mental health delivery system to care for the community. Today, Psychiatric Wellness Center has grown to be the largest psychiatric private practice in Kern County.

Our Locations

We have three locations: