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Psychotherapy and counseling are effective therapeutic options for patients with a variety of problems, from bipolar disorder to depression. The experienced physicians at Psychiatric Wellness Center offer psychotherapy and counseling to patients in Bakersfield, California. Patients can make an appointment for this service by calling the office today.

Psychotherapy Q & A

What is psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy is a type of therapy that aims to treat a mental illness or disorders psychologically, rather than with drugs or other medical means. Many different types of psychotherapy exist.

What types of therapy are available from Psychiatric Wellness Center?

Psychiatric Wellness Center offers several different types of psychotherapy to patients, including:

  • Family therapy - Family therapy is therapy designed to resolve issues among parents and children.
  • Grief therapy - Grief therapy is ideal for patients who have just experienced a significant loss.
  • Couples therapy - Couples therapy is designed to resolve issues between people in an intimate relationship.
  • Geriatric therapy - The purpose of geriatric therapy is to help patients deal with mental issues related to the aging process.
  • Dialectical behavior therapy - This type of therapy was originally designed to treat patients with borderline personality disorder, but it can be effective in the treatment of other issues as well.
  • Solution-focused therapy - The goal of solution-focused therapy is to help the patient construct and achieve solutions for the problems in their life.
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy - Cognitive behavioral therapy aims to help patients change unwanted behaviors or patterns of thinking that impact their life in a negative way.

Which type of therapy is best?

Every type of therapy available from Psychiatric Wellness Center serves a different purpose and offers different advantages to patients. The experienced physicians at this facility can help patients decide which kind of therapy will be most beneficial for them.

How quickly will patients see results?

Patients undergoing psychotherapy may begin noticing some results shortly after beginning treatment. However, because mental disorders are complex, long-term treatment is often required. Most patients will see more progress as they continue to attend therapy sessions.

How often should patients see the doctor?

Every patient is unique. While some patients may need to see their doctor weekly or even more often, others may be able to wait longer between appointments. As time goes on and the patient improves, less frequent appointments may be necessary. The doctors at Psychiatric Wellness Center can help patients determine an appropriate appointment schedule when they begin therapy.


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At Psychiatric Wellness Center, we accept most major insurance plans. Here is a list of some of the plans we accept. At Psychiatric Wellness Center we are currently accepting Medicare insurances. At Psychiatric Wellness Center, we are currently accepting private insurances or self-pay. Please contact one of our offices (661-323-6410 or 661-431-1555) if you do not see your insurance provider listed.

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